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Ready-made companies for your business

Ready-made Scotland LP
with two offshore partners and apostille

  • delivery of document in three days
  • taxation report is not required
  • closed register of companies

Ready-made English LLP
with two offshore partners and apostille

  • delivery of document in three days
  • taxation report delivery once a year
  • open register of companies

Scotland and English partnerships: modern-day replacement of classical offshores!

Under the laws of the United Kingdom, Scotland partnerships are not subject to taxation both outside the UK and in the territory of this country. Partnerships’ revenues are not taxed in the territory of the United Kingdom but are subject to taxation in the country of the partner’s registration (where it is a tax resident).
If partners are tax-free jurisdictions like Belize or Seychelles, we get a full tax relief. We sell such ready-made partnerships. Two Belize offshores are partners of our company. 

Scotland partnership can easily open an account in the banks in the Czech Republic and Poland offered by us without the requirement to have a minimum balance, because Scotland partnership is a company with a European jurisdiction. Classical offshores like Belize or Seychelles currently have almost no chance to open a bank account in the EU, or the bank will offer them to deposit at least 10,000 euros to the account as the minimum balance.

Partnerships are not subject to currency regulation in the banks of the countries where we offer to open accounts for them – the Czech Republic and Poland – as they are not tax residents of these countries. The client is guaranteed a loyal attitude of the banks in transactions.

Scotland partnership can independently conclude contracts and own assets and property.

Scotland partnership does not have to get audited and submit annual statement, which makes its servicing cheaper due to no accounting costs.

As such, partnership in Scotland appears to be the best and the most sustainable solution for businessmen who aspire to work with a company registered in the European Union member state, but at the same time prefer to have a tax-free instrument.